Workout Review: Cardio Dance Blast

With my apartment gym full of people sticking with their New Years resolutions and it snowing outside, I was forced to try something new to get my exercise in yesterday. When I was at my physical peak and working out six days a week, I searched through Netflix looking for quick solutions on the days I didn’t have time to go out and run. Turns out they have a pretty decent selection to choose from available instantly. At that time I found one that I liked (10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix) and stuck with it. This time I decided to attempt something new!

Yeah, I like dance videos. It’s more ironic if you’ve ever seen me try to dance… or attempt anything coordinated at all. I previously stuck with the first routine on the 10 Minute Solution video because it was simple. (After the 13th time, I almost had all the moves down.) I remember I tried Cardio Dance Blast, but got so confused on the moves that I was losing my balance often and becoming discouraged quickly, so the experience was short-lived.
New year, new me – I decided to give this Crunch workout another shot after reading more reviews on it. To my surprise, it seemed much easier this time and I actually enjoyed it.

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Length – 39 minutes (30 minute workout with warm up and cool down)
Workout is broken down into three different styles of dance – Island Jam, Latin and Diva

Fitness level:

The upside:
It’s fun without being too cheesy.
If you’re like me and kind of hate seeing women with perfect bodies while you work out, this video actually has some regular sized ladies as backup dancers – a nice change.
The moves are fairly simple. Yes, I did say I had problems with them originally and I admit that there was one sequence on this video that I abandoned and jogged in place waiting for them to move to the next step, but I think the average person will have no problem keeping up.
Doesn’t require weights or excessive space.

The downside:
While it keeps you moving for the whole half hour, it never feels like an intense workout. You definitely won’t be sore the next day from it, but then again, it doesn’t claim to be P90x. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to get your heart rate up this is great, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the only work out you practice unless you’re just starting out.

Overall rating: B


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