A ‘Hairy’ Situation (UPDATED)

This entry was originally posted on The Poncho and was the inspiration for D2D.

I’ve never been fashionable.

I grew up around all boys and have always had a built in disdain for pink. However, in the spirit of the new year coupled with the fact that I’ve lost a third graders worth of weight and am going on 30 with no prospects in the love department, I’ve decided to make a conscious decision to be more girly. (Mind you that this does not mean I’ll be wearing heels everywhere or buying things with glitter and sequins all over them. I don’t think I’ll ever be that much of a girl.)
So far this decision has mostly manifested itself in dresses, pointy boots, “skinny” jeans and nail polish that isn’t black… all of which I’m still not sure that I can pull off.

The next step in this line of femininity is to change hair styles. I’ve been through a few ‘dos in my day, but really, they’ve all been mostly the same.

The Joan Jett:

The ever popular, parted-down-the-middle-with-ultra-cool-rat-tail:


And the current, I’m lazy and don’t know what to do with my hair look:

I’ve never had short hair, but have been through a rainbow of colors from red to pink to black. So what now?  Bangs.

I posted on my Facebook last week about my coiffure confirmation. The status reads: “Okay, my decision is final: next time I get a haircut, I’m getting bangs.” and I was hit with a barrage of opinions on the subject.
From “The committee has overturned your decision in an unprecedented unanimous vote. When asked for comment, they said ‘She’s not a lesbian.'”, “don’t do it” and “When you regret how awful it is, remember that we warned you!”
To “Bangs are great.”, “I just had bangs cute last week! It makes me feel like I look like im in my 20’s again” and multiple likes.
I have no idea why the subject is so polarizing (or since when only lesbians have bangs), but my decision stands – I’m getting bangs. Here’s what I have in mind:

I may look terrible, but hey, at least I’m trying something new. Now I just need a more seasoned girl to train me on how to make my hair curl like that and part it without the weird line I always end up having. *sigh* I have so much to learn.
Yay for changes in 2012! Pictures to follow (once I have enough money to get a haircut – hopefully this week)!


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