Mr. Right

Everyone has their “perfect” mate in mind. In my parents case, my mom says she got everything that was on her list and more when she met my dad. (Isn’t that adorable?) In other cases, I’ve heard people admit they wish their spouse was different, but they’ve learned to deal with what can’t be fixed. If they can’t, they’re divorced.

I’ve never sat down and wrote out a list… It’s just such a girly thing to do. (Much like planning my wedding or picking out names for my future children, which I also have never done.) But in the spirit of embracing my feminine side (and because I can’t come up with any other, more interesting topics today), here’s my wish list, in no particular order.
(Non-negotiable traits are denoted with an asterisk.)

  • Loves God*
  • Funny*
  • Intelligent*
  • Hard working*
  • Honest*
  • Kind* (I have zero tolerance for rudeness.)
  • Generous*
  • Attractive* (…to me, at least. And if you ask around, you’ll find that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily attractive to anyone else.)
  • Appreciates music*
  • Musician (Not someone who dreams of becoming a rock star.)
  • Romantic
  • Thoughtful*
  • Respectable taste in movies and music* (Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t make this a requirement, but I can’t marry a dude who loves Zookeeper and Nickelback. Yikes.)
  • Artistic (This is as close to an asterisk as you can get without actually being awarded one. He doesn’t have to be artistic, but chances are I’m not going to be interested if he isn’t.)
  • Wants kids (Right now I’m leaving the asterisk off, but I’m guessing that once I settle down, that will no longer be negotiable. My mom has been waiting patiently for grandchildren.)
  • Night owl
  • Spontaneous
  • Fun loving*
  • Fond of traveling*
  • Likes sports (Another close asterisk. If he doesn’t like them, he’s gonna get to sit through games anyway.)
  • Car savvy
  • Responsible*
  • Rational*
  • Optimistic*
  • Open minded*
  • Slow to anger*
  • Laid back*
  • Loyal*
  • Close with his family (Sometimes this is out of your control.)
  • Free from attachments to psychotic ex-girlfriends* (Sane ex-girlfriends are acceptable.)
  • Reliable*
  • Healthy
  • Childless

Wow. I thought I was pretty easy to please before making this list. If nothing else, I’ve learned something new about myself. No wonder I’m still single.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Right

  1. As long as you’re a healthy, well adjusted individual who has realistic expectations, I don’t think you should ever choose to settle, especially when it comes to the man you intend to spend LIFE with. It’s such a serious commitment. I married Colin because I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I could wait forever and never find someon who could treat me better or be more perfectly matched. I think the key is YOU being in the right place, and only then does the right guy come along. But of course, that’s just one girls theory… 🙂

    • Thanks, Ashley!

      With all due respect, you and Colin are freaks – and I mean that in a good way. It’s rare that I see a couple more suited for each other than the two of you. That why I wonder if there’s a “perfect” someone out there for everyone and people just choose to settle, or if couples like you and Colin are just blessed.

      PS: Thanks for reading and commenting! I always enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

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