DIY Recipes: Kale Chips

Original pin: Family Fresh Cooking

Items needed:

1 bunch of kale
Approx. 2 tbs of olive oil (I used pure olive oil)
Seasoning (salt, garlic, curry powder, whatever you’re in the mood for)

Total cost: $10.94
*It should be noted that the kale itself is only $.97. Olive oil on the other hand was $4.98 and I got the cheap stuff. Of course, once you’ve bought it, it should last you several months so it’s worth the investment.

Difficulty: Easy

Preheat oven to 350˚F.
Rinse kale & dry it well in a salad spinner or blot with paper towels.
Trim leafy parts from stem and tear leaves into bite sized pieces.
Spray leafs lightly with olive oil or cooking spray. (I put a little oil in a bowel, then tossed the kale in the oil.)
Season with salt and/or spices according to taste. (You will not need as much salt as you might think.)
Arrange pieces in a single layer on a baking sheet.

Bake for about 8 to 10 minutes or until crisp. Turn a few times with tongs while to ensure an even crispiness on both sides.
Your chips should come out crispy and slightly browned on the edges. Once they start browning they burn quickly so be sure watch them carefully.

First of all, I get the feeling kale is kind of hard to find. I’ve looked for it before unsuccessfully. Yesterday WalMart Neighborhood Market did not have it, WalMart Supercenter did. Of course, if possible it’d be best to get it at a farmers market but sometimes you don’t have that option.
Second, the recipe doesn’t specify which olive oil to use, so I grabbed pure since it’s best for cooking. I may be way off on that, but it worked alright for me. Also, I didn’t flip my kale midway through, but I’m sure that would’ve helped them cook more evenly.
Kale chips are ridiculously easy to make and fast, which is good since when you want a snack, you want it immediately. I used sea salt for my chips and it was good, but I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. I’ll have to try different seasonings. Maybe even a little ranch mix… Eh?

Taste rating: 6/10


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