The Paper Anniversary

Today (…or maybe it was last Sunday like I wrote in my previous entry. I have different dates written down everywhere.) marks my one-year weight loss anniversary.

My total weight loss to date is 62.3 lbs. Leaving me with only 35.4 lbs. to lose by my 30th birthday – June 30, 2013.
(Yep, I’m giving myself plenty of time. It seemed like a reasonable goal when I started with 98 lbs. to lose.)
I’ve gone down 2-3 pant and shirt sizes. I wish I would’ve kept track of my inches, but I never could seem to get the tape in the right places for it to be accurate. Here’s the best visual I have for you:

Any person that’s lost a reasonable amount of weight will tell you that it’s life changing, and it is. Everything you’ve heard is true – you feel physically better and have more energy, your health problem decrease and your confidence grows.

What a general audience doesn’t hear about is the small victories, that honestly, if you’re not overweight, you won’t understand.
– Your hips not catching on the arms of chairs.
– Being able to take a decent photo without making it an aerial shot.
– Crossing your legs without feeling like it a strength exercise keeping one over the other.
– A defined clavicle. (Okay, this may only be a big deal to me, but I love it.)

My biggest accomplishment thus far is fitting into my formal from my senior year (2001) to watch my friend, Jessi, dance at a charity event.

If you’ve followed my journey at all or even just scroll through the posts on this blog, you’ll see that I’ve used various methods to lose the weight from juicing to HCG to the Insanity workout program and have had varied results.
Here’s the deal guys, one diet may work for you that doesn’t work for someone else. Some people love to exercise; for others it’s easier to watch what they eat. Every person’s body works differently – only you know what works best for you. It’s a trial and error process, so don’t be discouraged. We’ve all been there. If you’re determined to do it, you can.

The two biggest tips I have for you are these: educate yourself and surround yourself with encouraging people.
It confuses me when people make an effort to “eat better” when they don’t research any of the foods they put in their body. Just because you’re ordering a salad does not necessarily mean you’re eating healthy. Learn about foods. Research  exercise programs before starting them to make sure you’re doing what’s most effective to reach your goal. If you choose to take a supplement or medication, make sure you know the risks and that your body will not react badly to them. Whatever it is, be knowledgeable.
I cannot over-stress the importance of a support system. I already wrote an entry on it, so I won’t linger, but for those who want the cliff notes, there’s is absolutely no way I could’ve done this without the people in my life telling me daily (literally) that I could do it. If you don’t have anyone like that around you, contact me. I’m an excellent cheerleader.

One thing I never expected from this experience is people I love coming to me and telling me that I’m an inspiration to them. Until now, I don’t know that I’d ever inspired anyone to do anything.
The bitter truth of it is that a year ago, I hated what I had let myself become. I hated looking in the mirror and I very literally had a meltdown, sobbing in the bathroom when forced to take pictures for one of my jobs. (The before picture at the top of the page was taken that day, actually.) What I’m saying is that I get it. I really do. You may think, “Even before you were still smaller than me,” but it’s all about mentality. And, my friends, I was about as depressed as you can get.
Honestly, it’s not all peaches and cream, but you can do it. You’ll mess up. You’ll get discouraged. It’ll suck some days… but it’s so worth it.
Your health is worth it. The people you love are worth it. Your happiness is worth it.
Do it.


5 thoughts on “The Paper Anniversary

  1. It’s like what we we’ve talked about before… The problem that causes people to give up so easily is their perception. You look great already, I’ve always thought you were beautiful, but never thought you believed that you were. You and I both have to remember this: We have to live for us, not live by comparison. Love you and I’m proud of you.

  2. I’m am so happy for you. I know this has been hard for you but you are amazing and you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. I too always thought you were beautiful, but WOW you look GREAT now! I need to lose about 50 lbs. myself….I have no idea where to start since I have done it all! The weight just crept up on me over the last 10 years. You are a wonderful inspiration, and I know you will accomplish your final goal too! 🙂

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