5 Things I Love (May 2012 Edition)

I go through phases of obsession with various and assorted things in life.
February was my last update, so here are five things I’m currently in love with, in no particular.

1.The Oklahoma City Thunder

Yeah okay, I’m always in love with the Thunder… but we’re in the post season now! If you thought I was obsessed during the regular season, you have no idea how much worse I get during the playoffs. We’ve had a good run thus far, despite our current struggles with the Spurs in the WCF. Win or lose, I’m proud of these guys. I’ve never seen a group more dedicated to hard work or more resilient. We’re so fortunate to have this organization representing our city.

2. Instagram

Welcome to 2010. In my defense, I’ve had an Instagram account for quite awhile… I just didn’t invest any time into figuring out how to use it or finding people to follow. Now that I have, I’m sort of addicted. My two favorite photo finds thus far are KD shoe shopping with Miss Wanda and Nick Collison getting some investment advice.

3. Blended iced coffees

It makes no difference to me if it from Starbucks, McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Doughnuts – I’m loving blended iced coffees. It’s become a nightly tradition to grab one before heading home to sit on the couch and watch movies.
P.S. Carmel > Mocha

4. Game of Thrones

Rachael loves a fantasy period drama?! I’m as surprised as you. Yet, every week I find myself looking forward to watching it more than any of the other shows we’re currently making our way through. It’s amazing how good a story can be when the writer figures out that the characters are the focus and events are secondary.
Also, props to Peter Dinklage for being so awesome.

5. Dreaming of a vacation

The last time I spent the night across the state line was when my friends and I packed up to see Al Pacino perform in Central Park in 2010. Since then it’s been a series of 2 to 3 hour trips for movie marathons, plays and concerts with the understanding that after arriving home no earlier than 4AM, I’ll have to get up and work by 10 the next morning.
With multiple jobs, I want nothing more for my 29th birthday than a vacation. Even if it’s only overnight in a surrounding state and I have to pay for it myself, I just want a break. So, I’ve begun planning. Mark my words, I’ll be out of here by the end of July.


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