Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner


My entire life my hair has been on the normal to oily side. Then I turned 31 and things got weird. My hair turned into straw – the first of what I can assume will be a plethora of fun, unexpected age-induced hormonal changes. Naturally I freaked out and bought argan oil shampoo, leave-in oil treatment, and biotin (just for good measure). With the help from my new oily buddies, my hair was manageable, but still didn’t snap back to it’s once silky texture. Over 17 weeks I tried various concoctions, some more successful than others. And then it happened – Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner!

It looked unimpressive – light pink goo in a small plastic cup, adorned with a white label and black text. The packaging could use a touch of Tom Haverford swag, but what’s inside is magical! After one use, my hair was so soft that I found myself uncontrollably running my fingers though it (even after blow drying and straightening), then asking others to do the same… which is admittedly creepy. The beauty part is that I used (and have continued to use) it with cheap Suave Professionals Natural Infusion shampoo and it works like gangbusters!
There’s only one problem…

8.45 oz of this potion will set you back $27.50. Yes, that is over $3 an ounce. And yes, $3.00+ for an ounce of shampoo is absurd.
The pros to that price tag is that the conditioner is so good that you can use it with ultra cheap shampoo and still have stellar results. Also, the texture is very thick and doesn’t require more than a nickel’s worth to cover my mid-back length hair. (I work most of the product into the tips and run my fingers through the top of my head with whatever is left on them.)
Oh, one other mini-con – it doesn’t smell great. Fortunately the smell doesn’t permeate your hair, so no real harm there.

As with all hair care products, it’s hard to recommend anything to others because everyone’s hair is so different. This is designed for harsh and frizzy hair and has worked great for me. It also has great reviews online from others who share my same hair type, so that’s encouraging. Obviously if yours doesn’t fit the description, I’d steer clear of this particular conditioner. However, I have used a couple other Davines products and they are a quality brand with something for everyone.

You can buy Divines Love Smoothing Conditioner here.